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You are invited to a cultural trip trough the town of Sibiu - the biggest medieval town in Eastern Europe. The town still has something from the spirit and charm of the old ages. Walking through the streets of the old city center you feel like you could see everywhere princes and princeses, you feel that time has stopped in this place so you can have the most faithful image of those times... It is the city with three rows of defense walls. There were reasons for all this defenses. Many cultural and important events have happened here. Witness are 39 defense towers, 200 churches and fortified castels.
We can say as much though: "Dracula" has never lived here, we are not taking pride with imaginary monsters and ghosts of history, we are taking pride history's values. Baron "Samuel von Brukenthal, governor of Transilvania, has left the most valuable collection of baroc paintings from the Central and Eastern Europ. (1090 works from Dutch, Flemish and German masters).


What else can you visit in Sibiu?

  • Museum of weapons and hunting toffees
  • Museum of pharmacy
  • Locomotives museum
  • History museum
  • Museum of nature sciences (1 million exhibits, from which we note te collection of minerals "Akner" and the "Wendel" butterflies collection)
  • Extra-european etnographics museum "Franz Binder" (collections from Africa, Oceania, Small Asia and Japan) and new collections starting with the 90s.
  • "Astra" Museum of popular civilisations, containing 340 old peasent houses from all parts of the country

You can also visit:

  • "Liars bridge", so that you learn its legend
  • Passage of stairs linking the "upper town" with the "lower town"
  • Subarini park
  • The zoo(the oldest in Romania)

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